Mary “Jo” Neeson, a multi-generational Jensen Beach resident with a lifelong passion for helping people, the environment, and our beloved Martin County lifestyle. Jo is also a proud American Veteran.

A “vote for Jo” is a vote for our precious lifestyle in Martin County. It’s time for a change! Your support is needed and very appreciated!

In Jo’s early years, she attended elementary school in Illinois before returning to Martin County. Having attended Murray Middle School, Martin County High, and Indian River Community College, her educational foundation is right here, in Martin County.

To further her passions after college, she joined the US Air Force as an air evacuation medic. After the Air Force, Jo furthered her education at Bethania School of Vocational Nursing and remained in Texas, as a hospice respiratory nurse in the home health industry.

After 17-years as a nurse, she returned home to Jensen Beach, and have owned, started, and managed a variety of local businesses. Health issues that ensued forced her into an early yet temporary retirement.

Jo’s commitment and passion for helping others continued with a variety of local causes including:

  • Big Brother/ Big Sisters on the fundraising committee
  • One of the original River Warriors
  • A founding member of
  • A founder of Tent City Helpers a local homeless assistance organization
  • Jensen Beach Christian Church food pantry

Getting it right.

Jo has spent most of her life helping and supporting Martin County’s most important issues.

As County Commissioner for District 1, she will be able to continue that mission and make sure that we get it right!

To do that, Jo needs your support. Please donate to her campaign fund. Your support is not only extremely important right now, but it is also very much appreciated!

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Top priorities…

Why I'm Running

Jo has spent most of her life helping and supporting Martin County’s most important issues. Enough is Enough! It’s time that our leaders take responsibility and make some tough decisions to ensure the beautiful way of life that Martin County residents have enjoyed and are entitled to!

As County Commissioner for District 1, she will be able to continue that mission and make sure that we get it right!

Clean Water...

The issue: As an environmental activist, Jo studied these issues extensively and traveled to every Senate subcommittee meeting in Tallahassee, having participated in SFWMD meetings WRAC meetings and a variety of science-based classes and seminars.

My vision: I am a clean water advocate above all else. Clean water in south Florida is the single most important issue. It drives our economy, it balances all of the environment. For decades the mismanagement of our water resource has been at the center of our political landscape. Historically Lake Okeechobee has been managed almost exclusively to benefit big sugar interests. Currently the ACOE is rewriting the old LORS schedule and implementing the LOSOM schedule. Basically what this means is the old system that was designed for Irrigation, Navigation and recreation is now being changed to include 

Human health and safety as a priority. Under the leadership of Congressman Brian Mast, on the federal level and Governor Ron DeSantis , at the state level, we have kept the lake level going into the rainy season at 10.5’ – 11.5’. As a result, we have had 2 consecutive years of no discharges to the eastern estuaries and no significant or toxic algal blooms. Our new reservoir south of the lake is online and funded. At the county level we need to address fertilizers, pesticides, and septic to sewer conversion. We also need to increase our efforts to encourage personal responsibility for maintaining pollution and trash free county. We can do this by education forums, county-sponsored beach and waterway cleanups and educational materials in our schools. The county government needs to continue to work with Congress and the state to encourage the end of sugar subsidies, end cane field burning, and improve overall water quality.

Smart Growth...

The issue: This cannot be accomplished without concentrating on infrastructure. Our water treatment plants are antiquated, we have NO real solution to the disposal of biosolids. Our roads and bridges cannot accommodate the sheer volume of traffic that already exists.

My vision: My answer is a moratorium on new construction until we can bring our infrastructure on line with the influx of population. I get that 2% seems reasonable, but when you take that 2% over the 20 years my opponent has been in office, that works out to somewhere in the neighborhood of 64,000 new citizens in the County or 1/3 of our current population.

 We have flooding throughout the county every time it rains. Indian River drive in Seawalls point floods horribly with each rain event. Parts of Rio seem to stay under water through most of the rainy season.

 Our roads are severely limited in width in Jensen Beach. There are only two roads that go to the island. On a pretty weekend if you don’t go to the beach by 10AM, you can take up to two hours to get out there only to find no where to park. Our boat ramps are so full folks are parking illegally on the roads with their trailers. We only have a couple elementary schools and those are in need of major renovation.

 I believe we have put the cart before the horse for too long. It’s time we stop and address these issues before we issue ANY new building permits in Jensen Beach and restrict the number of permits throughout the County.

 I know you are a local and can remember when our water  was clean, our treatment plants weren’t antiquated and too small. When septic tanks were routinely required to be inspected. Remember the vehicle inspections?. 


The issue: School safety and supporting our teachers have got to be at the forefront of any conversation.

My vision: I support our teachers. I find it unconscionable that a part-time County Commissioner makes more than a teacher. Our schools need to be upgraded and renovated. If we continue to build more homes we need to design the developments to include building new schools.

As we try to find our way with reopening schools during the COVID-19 outbreak, I suggest we open schools now. And give parents the choice to home school or put their children in private schools. I DO NOT think that our teachers should be given the added task of virtual teaching. If the schools are open we have provided a way for your kids to get the safe education your taxes pay for. If YOU choose to keep your child out of public school then you have to provide for your child’s education by homeschooling or private education. If schools are open then our teachers are there to teach students in the classroom not remotely. They shouldn’t be required to do both.


The issue: Having been very active in this conversation Jo feels like the current and past administrations have done very little to address this issue. 

My vision: I’ve worked with the homeless in Martin county for years. Doug Smith’s approach is to just make them go away. He calls the Sheriff on homeless residents routinely. He’s never fought for a shelter. He’s never met or talked to a single one of the folks in Jensen Beach, his home town. These are our neighbors, not vermin to be eradicated. A huge percentage of our homeless are VETERANS. NO US MILITARY VETERAN SHOULD BE LIVING IN THE WOODS WITHOUT ACCESS TO FOOD, SHELTER, OR MEDICAL CARE…..PERIOD. And for the entitled incumbent that never served a day, to disregard them is criminal. I would make building a shelter a priority. One of the wealthiest counties in the state can do better than this.


The issue: We can’t move forward with careful, controlled growth without addressing our entire community in the conversation. Jo Neeson will work to support the underrepresented members of Martin County.

My vision: Martin County has a quite varied population. Black, white, married, single, handicap, rich, poor, old young, gay, straight, and yet…..our BOCC has traditionally been and currently is run by upper class white middle-age straight millionaires…….I think its time someone speaks for the MAJORITY!

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